Hey guys, it's Jordan!



I'm the Jordan behind Jordan G Photography, an ambitious 20-somethin' year old who fell in love with photography as a teenager. But before I was ever passionate about photography, I was always passionate about people.  I love learning with them, growing with them, and doing ridiculous things together (ask me in person!). This is the real fuel for my photography. Without the beautiful people in front of my lens, my photos have less meaning, less story, less authenticity.  I want to not only tell your story, but tell it well, capturing your joy and emotion in every moment. 

I strive to reflect  that in every shot I take and every moment I capture.  This is why I do photography. 

Of course, I'm not always shooting! If you catch me in my everyday habitat, I'm a ball of fun, a few (or one hundred) awkward moments, and full of deep conversations. I love the Lord and desire growing closer to Him. I cherish my crazy friends and family. I'm a huge proponent for healthy living. And if I'm not shooting weddings, I'm typically in the studio or putting my head out a window to get those car shots. 

That's just a little bit about me! Now I want to hear from you!

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