• Jordan G Estabrook

How it all began: a dramatic storytelling

Books-A-Million. 15 years old. A stuffed shark.

My mom drove me to a bookstore to buy my very first professional camera. Just a little teenage tot, my awkward self made the sale, and the camera was placed in my very incapable and inexperienced hands. My metal mouth grinned (RIP braces).

I could hear the angels singing. Was it probably an old Katy Perry song in the background? Probably, but who cares? It might as well have been the angelic voices, because I was on cloud nine. I was so excited to have a hobby and a skill to refine. I went home and immediately went to work, taking pictures of my dog and floppy stuffed shark.

I could feel the intensity, the excitement. I took so many photos. But something was wrong. Very wrong.

My level of ambition didn't match my skill (note: I was not skilled).

So I went to work. Again and again. Tutorial after tutorial. Failure, success, and then more failure after that. But I kept working, and I didn't stop except for a snack and potty break. I was determined.

A few mentors later and more success and failure, I dreamed of shooting weddings. But just like my imaginary angelic voices, the dream of shooting weddings felt imaginary, distant, and near impossible. I still kept working, and finally achieved my dream.

So here I am. It's been many years later and I no longer have braces, but the excitement, though it remains, has changed and grown. My love for what I do grows deeper and quite frankly, much different than I expected. It's surprised me. Each couple presents an opportunity to explore creativity and reflect the uniqueness they have. It's my pleasure of showing it, serving them, and perfecting my craft.

My goal is to bring life to every picture I take, because when we're old and gray, we'll want to remember these times. What they say is true: you can never get them back, but through pictures, we can always make sure they never fully leave.

I'm Jordan G, and this is how it began.

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