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Retro Vortex to the 70s | Styled Shoot

You know how it feels when you have an idea that you just can't get out of your head?

I certainly do. I dreamed of a 70s shoot that felt authentic, bursting with color and romantic. I decided that in order to get the details right, I had to keep it small and intimate.

So, my motto became: Keep it simple, stupid (KISS)

I wanted this to be as much of a "retro vortex" as I could. I wanted you to feel transported to another time, which is why I tried to nail the details (within reason and budget).

I found a 70s newspaper referencing Nixon (and also cleaning appliances). I searched for hoursss finding the perfect button-down shirt, and finally found a vintage Christian Dior. There were, of course, things that were less vintage that still had a 70s style, like the glasses, earrings and bride's shoes.

I tried to put thought into the little things, because the little things make the whole picture.

And so I did. I reached out to a couple of vendors that I loved. We shot in Downtown Kannapolis, so I wanted to use vendors who were local. Caitlin Henley has her own flower garden, and provided this beautiful, wild bouquet.

Patrisia is also a fantastic makeup artist who took my vision and made it real. We texted back and forth and showed her exactly what I wanted. Bright blue eyeshadow and youthful, bouncy hair. And she didn't disappoint.

And now, the shoot! Isaac and Amber absolutely killed it. Take a look for yourself.

And lastly, a night shot that looks like it's from a movie.

Vendor Credit:

Photography: Jordan G Photography

Florals: Caitlin Henley | The Mother Hen's Flower Farm

Hair and Makeup Artist: Beauty by Patrisia

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