L ove stories are like a personalized cup of coffee. Strong, unique, bliss, and we can never get enough.

Charlotte North Carolina

We live for a good love story- a well told story. As a wedding and all things love photographer, I do just that. Tell beautiful stories, and capture them with excellence.

Jordan G Photography


Hullo! I'm Jordan G.

Every story has a writer. It's not words though. More about nose kisses, uncontrollable laughter, intimate hugs, and flirty embraces. You and your love made the story, I'm just here to show it off.

My moody light is the book cover, wrapping and framing your adventure. My deep, tones are the writing style, and you are the story. And my cup of coffee is just coffee.

What's yours?





Make engagements photos yours. I'll be your guide, add my spice and make some magic together.



The little moments. The happy tears. The details. All the firsts that make up the beginning of your story.



 Wedding moments to family moments. They're growing up before your eyes. Let me capture that flash of time.


"Rachel and I wanted a photographer who would help capture our wedding with texture, emotion, and beauty and Jordan hit all of those on the head one by one!"

Harrison & Rachel


What about you?

Enough about me, I want to know about you! We'll find a cute coffee shop (obviously), chat it up, tell our stories, and capture unforgettable memories.

Charlotte North Carolina Photographer

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